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When an issue in a computer seems to be fixed when you are on the phone with tech support, but as soon as you are off the phone, the issue comes back full fledged.
Britney: Is your computer fixed?
Alyssa: No, its acting weird still.
Britteny: Wasn't it working when you were on the phone with John before today?
Alyssa: Yes, but its not working anymore. It stopped working as soon as we hung up.
Britteny: I guess your computer has tech support syndrome.
Alyssa: Yeah.
by Mc'Blindy June 12, 2010
A constant continuous sound or echo, especially in an audio chat or phone system.
The british person caused a shaf on the line.
The shaf wouldn't stop on the phone line, so the admins had to reset the system.
by Mc'Blindy May 13, 2010
Noun. The time period around 1986 where Steve Jobs stated that he would accept a salary of only one dollar per year in order to be reassigned the career as CEO of apple.
Origin: After a dream my friend had about something called the black dollar, I happened to find a biography of Steve Jobs, which then reminded me of the dream, and this definition is a pun on that dream.
The black dollar was an interesting time period in Steve Job's life.
by Mc'Blindy May 31, 2010
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