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-Power in Numbers-once people start seeing it, it becomes more wearable to a mainstream audience but then on the reverse, as weird goth people start seeing it on more people, it becomes a ‘conformism’ and they start chasing new extreme fashions (mainly from America, and odd European Countries and their old fashions i.e Leather boots and cast iron objects) and the first fashion continues to become more and more mainstream through the mcjb theory consisting of 3 parts:

1. Models start wearing them but still to extreme to main audience

2.‘Out there soft core punk chicks’ who have normal boyfriends who just like a little bit of ‘punk’ in their worthless lives (cough Good Charlotte) begin wearing these clothes they have seen on ‘kerazy’ fashion shows and magazines.

3.Due to the punk chicks getting ‘hot’ boyfriends because of this ‘spunk’ the normal girls start to wear these clothes based on jealousy, hereby displaying an increasing power of numbers theory (An item becomes more accepted and less “trendy” as more people start wearing it, as the numbers wearing the product increases, its trendiness somewhat decreases).

-Conclusion: In conclusion a ‘trendy’ object starts out being weird until it is picked up by a fashionable source consisting of models, stars and fashion labels further endorsing the product that is ‘trendy’ into the mainstream.
"wow I only saw that on freakish Goth people before but now a hot chick is wearing it, its trendy! can I pull it off?"
by Mc/Jb August 11, 2006

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