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A person who is sexually attracted to plants. A person who would rather go on a date with a pot of geraniums than with another human. Someone who is turned on by the physical qualties of certain plants. Used jokingly as an insult and/or swear word
Look at Megan flirting with that palm tree over there! Damn, that girl is such as coss!

Did you hear that Joe took a daffodil out to dinner last night? What a coss!
by Mayhem Institute August 16, 2011
Mountain Dew. The deep south's favorite carbonated soft-drink. At some convenience stores, it can be cheaper than water. While "crackas" in the northern US prefer Coca-Cola, crackas living below the mason dixon like Cracka-Cola best.
"Hey Butch, pass me a Cracka-Cola! My mouth's 'bout as dry as a Texan salt flat!"

"Cracka-Cola, official drink of the common cracker"
by Mayhem Institute July 15, 2014

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