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A noob caravan is a natural occurence in almost all multiplayer video games. It is when a group of noobs, tired of being ownd on their own, decide to form a pack.

Even though they are together they still stand no chance of survival. they will often blindly shoot at anything that startles them. If freindly fire is on, they are even more dangerous to themselves than to others.

Often, one of the noobs will rise up and be the leader of the caravan, even though he is slightly better than the rest, he is nothing but a trained noob.

Here are 3 easy steps to find out if you have joined a noob caravan!!

1. Are you and others blindly firing right at the ground with full sensitivity on?
2. Does each member have at least 4 numbers in their name?
3. Do you try to use your group strength to dodge enemy bullets?

Well if any of those apply, you have found yourself a noob caravan!!!
potat0salad392053: (talking to noob caravan followers) FINNALLY!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!1!!one!!!!!!!!! WE CAN NOW NOT GET OWNED, WE CAN USE OUR COMBINED STRENGTH TO DO SUPER HUMAN ABILITIES!

The_Yellow_Dart: i sense a noob caravan!
by Mayah Beeeeeee August 21, 2009
a sweet gears move where you dive and shoot at the same time. best used with the shotgun. you literally blow their head off and fly by them at the same time. first done by a cool kid in sudbury, ma. legend says that he tried it in real life and broke his neck.

GOWP2: not cool man. i heard the kid who started the venom dive killed himself doing the move
by Mayah Beeeeeee June 03, 2009

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