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A girl named Mia is usually VERY shy. Once you get to know her, though, she will be loud, crazy, and funny. Mias are huge scaredy-cats; usually afraid of heights, sharks, suffocation, "dark" places, etc. Mias are usually known to be dorky/nerdy and usually are interested and believe in the paranormal (ghosts, etc). Mias keep to themselves, consider themselves unpopular and nerdy, and tend to hate tons of people. Mias are usually Italian or Irish and have really dark hair and eyes. They are typically very girly; interested in fashion, hair, nails, makeup, etc. but have a boyish side (science) as well. They HATE sports and usually are complete computer addicts. Mias are good friends, but sometimes have a really hard time telling the truth and expressing themselves. They aren't afraid to say what they think.
My friend Mia just IMed me on AIM and said she's going to the mall.
by Maya Muffin February 14, 2010

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