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An In-School friend is a friend that can only be talked to in school.
You do not hang out or associate with In-School friends off the school campus.
In-School friends usually are in one or more of your own classes, and they usually sit next or near to you.
Conversations with In-School friends are based meerely off the class you're in, how the other person thought the quiz/test was, if they understood what the teacher was talking about, and if they can help you on a problem.
It is very unlikely that you would have a conversation with an In-School friend on anything else except something related to school.
1. Conversation: "How did you think you did on that test? I think I failed it!"

2. It's very awkward running into In-School friends in public places, are you supposed to say "Hi" to them?
#school buddies #class mates #book pals #homework helpers #i would never hang out with that person outside of school
by Maya Cornelious February 26, 2009
Often found in males and females.
The female versions tend to wear male flannel shirts, usually skinny jeans, and black or grey converse. They claim to be independent non-conformists, and usually have an obsession with filming or photography.
The male version is very similar, however they tend to wear trendy hats as well, and both genders have a messenber bag, to top the 'hipster' image.
Barrington hipsters have a fondness for music in the Indie genre, and other bands such as Belle and Sebastian, The Weepies, and other bands that many people hate.
Hipsters are very easy to spot, and usually walk around the school in an abnormal way, wearing several necklaces.
1.Zander, a Barrington Hipster, was wearing a fedora cap and taking pictures of pieces of garbage for his 'collection'

2. Sheela, the Barrington Hipster looked very pissed off today, I wonder if she's mad because her girlfriend dumped her.
#trendies #artsy folk #pissed off independent people #converse wearers #the photography obsessed
by Maya Cornelious February 14, 2009
Strange Facebook Language is used by those who find ways to manipulate words into making them abbreviations. The words that they use are very confusing, and sometimes, less convienient than the original way of saying it.
It's used too much, and it get's obnoxious very easily
Beeteedubs, btdubs, beeteedoubleu: It's orgin comes from BTW, which means By The Way. There is no reason as to why people say beeteedubs, it is less convienient, and it sounds stupid. It is also typically said in everyday speech. People think it sounds cool, when it only makes them seem more annoying then they probably are.

Totes: Totally

Presh: Precious

Dorbs: Adorable

Whateves: Whatever

Ahhemmgee/Ohhemmgee: Originated from OMG which means Oh My God.

Probs: Probably

Embar: Embarassing

Pic: Picture

Many other terms are used. This is just a handful, these are probably the most common used.

1. A comment said in Strange Facebook Language: "Ahhemmgee, this pic is totes embar. But, beeteedubs, you look totes presh!" Bistander: What the fuck did they even say?

2. Another comment. "This is probs the most presh pic I've ever seen of you!"
#facebook terms #facebook slang #annoying typing #what does that even mean?! #confusing terms #stop talking
by Maya Cornelious March 02, 2009
Barrington Suburban Mothers come in large breeds in Barrington, Illinois.
They are very easy to spot, since they all wear the same clothes, and the clothes that they wear were usually previously owned by their daughters.
They are usually sickley looking, usually from the over spray tanning, the over bleaching of their fryed blonde hair, or the over tanning-booth tanning, that has left their skin and hair loose and dangly.
They usually work out in private excersise places (meaning, you must be a member to enter the building, or it is a private residential gym in a gated community.)
They have bad smelling perfume, spoiled, boring, bland and tasteless children, and husbands that they hardly ever speak to.
Barrington Surburban Mothers are usually very unhappy with their lives, but are too afraid to have an afair, or kill themselves.
1. Joanne Collins, A Barrington Suburban Mother, stepped out of her Escalade in the middle of an intersection, and complained about the car infront of her blocking the sunlight while she was trying to tan.

2. I saw a Barrington Suburban Mother today, she was wearing Abercrombie. It was repulsive, for she had the same outfit on as her thirteen-year-old daughter.
#unnattractive mothers #people with bad perfumes #frigid bitches #rich unhappy wives #barrington house wife #soccer mom #suburban mom
by Maya Cornelious February 23, 2009
A person/ thing that lacks humane social skills, and other traits that are necessities to be classified as a human being. Theater Nerds do not associate with others, they stay in packs, and very few others are allowed in those packs. They act very annoying in public, and people do not like to talk to them.
1. “Did you see that Theater Nerd today? It was running around the school shouting ‘I’m gay!’” “No, I try to avoid them.”
2. Charlemagne, the Theater Nerd, tried to talk to me today, I quickly ran away before they could say anything.
#theatre dork #drama freak #annoying outgoing people #weirdo #doofus
by Maya Cornelious February 12, 2009
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