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the love between 2 friends
man 1: Ahh do u want to celebrate our lovitude by goin to watch a movie?
man 2: Sure thing
by Maximouse bradley August 21, 2008
means just do it no matter the consequences.
derived from the game worms where crates may have weapons or may be booby trapped.
steve:shud i ask out carla?
max: yeh fo sho
steve: what if she says no?
max: just get the crate steve

by Maximouse bradley August 16, 2008
the state of ones body especially their heart when they are laughing out loud (lol)
max: hey steve, dyslexic man walks into a bra
steve: hahahahahahahahah
max: shit he is in lolastole, get me 50cc's of dying kids
by Maximouse bradley August 10, 2008
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