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A Word DirtChavscum Uses Just Because Some One Wears A Little Black Or Tight Jeans And Usually If You Arent A Chav And You Walk Aroud A Chav Infested Area Like A Town Centre,You Usaully Get Shouted At Like "Dirty Greeboo".some one who dosent give a donkey shit what peple thin about what they look like.
Dan The Chav:oooh,Look At That Durty Greebo,Lets Go Merk Him,Innit Blad.
Max(whispers To Louis):Look At Them Darn Chavs,Bet They're Gonna Run Away.
Louis(whispers Back):Yeah,Lets See
Max&Louis Walk Past
Chavs Get Scared Cos They Think That We Have The Devil On Our Side
by MaxMan Is Here! February 15, 2007

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