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Lead singer and bassist from Motorhead. Should, technically, be dead, with blood that would kill anyone else. Seen as a genius for:

a) conquering the rock industry
b) still surviving

For more, read 'White Line Fever'
"The only card you need, the Ace Of Spades, the Ace Of Spades, yeah!"
by Max the Metalhead June 12, 2004
A 9-piece metal band from Iowa, famous for wearing masks and for their chaotic live performances. They call their fans 'maggots' and have recently (May 2004) released their 3rd album, which is seen as their best yet.
"'Vol.3...' is, quite simply, a masterpiece - and a massive raised middle digit to all the stumbling nu-metal no-marks that rode in on the band's coattails."
by Max the Metalhead June 12, 2004
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