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There are 10 stalls in a restroom, all are empty, except the one you are in. Another person comes in, surveys the situation, decides to shit in the stall right next to you. Only 2 possible reasons. They want to smell your shit vapors and/or want you to smell theirs.
I ran into a poo snuggler at work twice this week. The smell was beyond rancid. I want to scream "Why are you shitting next to me when there are 9 other stalls open!!?"
by Max Rubble March 10, 2008
A man who, when entering a public restroom, and upon surveying the available urinals, chooses to pee at the urinal right next to another guy, ignoring the fact that 4 other urinals are empty. Not necessarily a homosexual act, just one of inexplicable cluelessness.
Charlie in accounting is a real pee hugger. I thought I felt his pee spray on my leg, even though there were 5 other empty urinals.
by Max Rubble March 10, 2008

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