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Those stupid iron "security" bars that cover windows in storefronts or homes, presumably to discourage break-ins. More often used to trap the inhabitants inside in event of a fire.

Minority filters can easily be circumvented by means of a skylight sale or similar exploit.
The gun shop claimed to open at 9:00, but when we got there at 9:15 the minority filters were still in place.

by Max Radcliffe June 12, 2006
Rooftop b/e, often used to get around locks, alarms, or minority filters
When we got to the store the next morning, the minority filters were still in place but we learned that some of the locals had staged a skylight sale during the night.
by Max Radcliffe June 12, 2006
Specifically a penis, but more generally, the notion thereof.

Wanda and Trixie slapped on enough makeup to alter the stock price of Max Factor and went out to the clubs, trolling for zipper trout.

When Trixie finally caught up with Wanda, she was locked in a toilet stall in the Men's, apparently bobbing for toilet trout.

See also toilet trout
by Max Radcliffe June 12, 2006
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