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A nice guy that teaches me my Torah portion so I can have a big Bar Mitzvah party when I am 13. I like him but wow, my Rabbi also can be a real Scrooge too. He told us and my parents, that part was bad, that there was no Santa Claus. So, I wrote a letter to Yenta Claus instead. What ever you do, just don't tell him about Yenta Claus. Ya, being Jewish is cool and I like lighting candles, eating latkes and all. But what about the Toys? What about that? I am a good kid too and am sick of being told we don't get a Santa!
Whatever you do or say or think, just don't be a Scrooge tell Rabbi Ebenezer that Yenta Claus is coming to my house! Or I'll get really mad and marry a pretty Shiska when I grow up.
#scrooge #teacher #rabi #rebbe #torah #santa #rebe
by Max Kringle-MacaBeestein September 13, 2006
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