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Derived from godwin. Typically used on UseNet and Internet chat forums, to Bushwin a thread or topic is to make reference to George W. Bush, his presidency or his administration in general, which has the effect of derailing the thread and completely changing the intended subject. The person "bushwinning" a thread is usually suffering from some form of Bush Derangement Syndrome.
Randroid2112: Did you hear Angelina Jolie is going to play Dagny in Atlas Shrugged.
CollegeGrrl: I read that book for my American Lit class
BDSBob: I bet that lying Chimpy McFlightsuit never read it.
Randroid2112: Wow, Bushwinned in three entries -- you win the internet, Bob!
by Max C. Webster, III September 23, 2006
Combination of GIS (Google Image Search) and Kung-Fu. Gisfu is the ability use a web search to quickly find relevant and usually humorous images to use in on-line forums.
I know saw a picture of a one-armed midget cowboy riding a llama naked through the streets of Bangkok, but I can't find it right now. My gisfu is weak today.
by Max C. Webster, III April 23, 2009

The Michael Moore Curse is the reason Michigan hasn't beaten Ohio State in football for the last six seasons. Michael Moore blamed Ohio for Kerry's loss in the Presidential Election of 2004. In a blog post, Moore called for Michigan to beat Ohio State the following Saturday to retaliate for Ohio's "betrayal." The following weekend, Michigan State (the Spartans, not the Wolverines) were defeated by Ohio State. The Wolverines suffered the same feat two week later. Michigan has not beat Ohio State since Moore's outburst.
I thought with Bush out of the White House, the Micheal Moore Curse would be lifted, but Ohio State owned us . . . again!
by Max C. Webster, III November 21, 2009

One thousand dollars, from the portrait of Grover Cleveland on the no longer circulated one thousand dollar bill. First used in the 1984 novel Life Its Ownself by Dan Jenkins.
"It was nothing Big Ed couldn't handle with Grovers."
by Max C. Webster, III April 14, 2010

From post (after) and amory (love), postamory is the state or practice of having no further romantic relationships due to poor history with relationships.
I've had it! Every relationship I've been in has been a total disaster! Forget polyamory . . . I'm postamory!
by Max C. Webster, III April 07, 2010

From DJ and deja vu, used ironically, DJ vu is the feeling one gets when one song is not followed by an expected song. DJ vu is frequently caused by frequent use of homemade mix tapes and compilation discs, leading the listener to expect specific sequences of songs in all situations.
I've played that disc so many times that I cannot hear Right Round without expecting to hear Poker Face immediately afterward. It gives me a weird feeling of DJ vu.
by Max C. Webster, III April 25, 2010

A douchebag of such magnitude that it could cleanse a whale's vagina. From Ron Burgandy's made up definition of San Diego as German for "a whale's vagina."
Guy 1: That Ron is such a douchebag.

Guy 2: He's a San Diego Douchebag.

Gay 1: For real.
by Max C. Webster, III November 26, 2010

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