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A fictional Woman (Usually of African-American decent) brought up as the protagonist in almost every Rap and Hip Hop song. She will usually be described as sexy Getting low and is almost always found in The Club grinding on every black man in the vicinity, making her the biggest Slut out. The term originated from artists like Eminen and Flo Rida and is usually abused to excess and has become a Cliché that should be discarded.
"Damn Shawty! You so phitt"
"Shawty get low, low, low, low, low"

"Shawty get loose so i can shag you up in da' club"

"Shawty, you a Ho!!! *Pulls trigger on the bitch*"
by Matty Treble March 04, 2012
A degenerative Race that arrived In New Zealand in the 1800's, established their ways in Grass huts and hunted their prey with the "Taiha," and were content with their under developed ways until the British arrived and formed a Government, transforming the country into a demographic, sophisticated place that once lacked intelligence. The signing of a Treaty instantly foreshadowed the misery of the decades to follow. A mistake that all Europeans have to accept and live with; A very angry race that steals, resorts to violence, lacks courage to an extreme extent (They carry out violence in packs), claims "Aotearoa" belongs to them and have broken down their cultural identity to socio-economic sponges that have become a burden to the advancement of the white race that saved their asses in the first place.
1) "Should we approve his welfare check?"
"Yes, he's a Maori"

2) "Should we accept the Maori into Boy's High?"
"No. He can attend Hato Paora, an all Maori boys school instead"

3) "Who the f**k Stole My Bike?!"
"Te Rangi Tehuataka Hata"
"Oh ofcourse.. No surprises there"
by Matty Treble March 04, 2012

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