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A wacked out hippie who's brains were scrambled by psychadelic drugs. characterized by all of the following: dirty underwear, hairy legs, taking way too much LSD, and eating bean sprouts all day long.
1.) Dude, that chicks such a granola head.

2.) The band "The Queers" said being a granola head is just not cool.
by Matty Ice February 28, 2008
At Cornell University, PAM is the nick name for the major Policy Analysis and Management. It is an awful, tedious major that requires you to analyze useless crap. However, it can be fun to insert into other words
i need to stop pamcrastinating and get back to work
how long do you pamsturbate before you pamgasm
yo booty's too pamalicious for ya babe
this shit is pamanas, P-A-M-A-N-A-S
by matty ice November 29, 2005

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