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2 definitions by Mattttttttt

A term used by avid gamers of opposing gaming consoles to insult the X-Box. While the long-believed rumours of the X-Box being more powerful than the PS2 have been scientifically proven wrong, the console still has a wide variety of games, including the extremely popular "Halo" franchise, that launched the console into its success. It is designed by Microsoft, and will be replaced by the Xbox 360 which will be released November 2nd, 2005.

The interior of the Xbox is a Celeron CPU running at 700 Mhrz. It also contains a small harddrive which is more than sufficient for storing saved games and other media such as music, rather than using memory cards. Its graphics processor was custom designed by the Canadian company ATI.
Guy 1: "Oh dude, the X-Box is sooo cool. :D"
Guy 2: "Umm, no Shit-Box (X-Box) isn't good at all! GameCube is!"
Guy 3: "Nuh-uh, the PS2 pwns you both! HAHA!"
Guy 4: "Ummm, do you guys ever talk about anything but your gaming consoles? 0.o"
Guys 1,2,3: ".............."
by Mattttttttt September 17, 2005
The common slang phrase for a romantic relationship between two underaged males. Although most commonly used to describe two teens in love, it also applies to adolescents, and preteens. (Although many particularly homophobic people claim that such relationships between young males don't exist.)
Mandy: "Look over there at those two boy lovers..."
Jane: "Oh come on, you don't seriously think they're in love do you?"
Mandy: "Well, duh. Look at the way they're cuddling!"
by Mattttttttt September 17, 2005