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Urban School in Downtown Denver located on the Platt River. The school is part of a triumverate of two other schools on the same campus, Metro State and the Community College of Denver. The school (student body) is under a spell of selective mutism and the professors are home grown indoctrines. Class is like sitting with some hillbilly tokers(mainly professors) who talk about the antigoverment and the confederate flag all day. The girls here are all maried, usually from freshman year and the guy selection is like some banana picking brazilian dudes, no class no brains. Predominant minorities of the school include zeebs, gangster blacks, transvestites, and kids who wish they got excepted to CU Boulder.
"Im sure these outkasts just need a little help. " "Like a magic bullet." "University of Colorado at Denver, Push it a long, Push it Along, Push it Along"
by Matties Little Ass August 31, 2007
The term 420 comes from the Time in India with Brtish occupation. The term is generally considered racist and is defined as fradulently or maliciously stealing information or goods from someone with seeming control. More recently however the term can be related to social engineering and jacking shit like the archangle, "a killer, clean, cold blooded , thorough," whose alias is "Whitehats" and jacks shit like yellow jerseys, "no mercy"
"Have you seen my hat." " No, besides why would you need that dirty old thing happy 420, remain blessed"
by Matties Little Ass August 31, 2007

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