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Language of Ingsoc, a fictional empire in the book 1984. The language was meant to eliminate all words deemed as nonsence, and was created to eliminate certain words, so dissent could not be expressed nor communicated
Fantastic = doubleplusgood
excellent = plus good
good = good
bad = ungood
terrible = plusungood
horrific = doubleplusungood

this would eliminate words of "excess"
and negative words would be replaced with its positive antonym with the prefix of -un. To stress an emotion, the prefixes of -double, -plus were added. The more prefixes, the more expression is placed in the word.
by Matthew Peters January 06, 2004
To express or even think about dissent towards Ingsoc. Crimethink does not entrail death, it is death.
Wallace was aprehended by the Thought Police after committing doublethink and crimethink.
by Matthew Peters January 09, 2004
Sluggish, slow in nature
I wanted to get my car today, but the mechanic was acting all slowful.
by Matthew Peters May 23, 2003
When one is forced to express that a lie is truth, despite his knowledge of the real facts. Orgininated in the book 1984 in the fictional Socialist government of Ingsoc
Bobby committed doublethink when he said to his young daughter that she could do anything that she set her mind to it, despite the fact that he knew that was a lie.

(But in the book 1984, doublethink is more of a serious act of course)
by Matthew Peters January 09, 2004

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