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1. The act of urinating on someone else's, or your own, personal belongings without giving a fuck.

2. An inconsiderate, unlikeable person who irrates and pisses off anyone they come in contact with.

3. An individual who prefers to keep their hygiene products in a freezer, i.e. toothpaste, body wash, shampoo.. etc.
1. Jack: Dude we got so trashed last night, I don't even remember coming back home.
Roger: Yeah I know man, I must have been real drunk because I waltzed all over my bed and chair.

2. Jim: Who the fuck is that new kid that thinks he can say and do whatever the fuck he wants?
Jeff: Your telling me man, nobody likes that mother fucker, what a waltz.

3. Corey: Jason, why does that kid put all of his hygeine shit in the freezer?
Jason: Oh hes a waltz, he thinks that it makes the products more effective.
by Matthew Jefferies January 31, 2008

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