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someone who thinks they are the greatest/hardest person in the world. the whole community hate them
common phrases:
3.innit mush
4.yeah bruv
5.get in there ma boi!
6.think your hard mush?
7.what you lookin' at grebo!

rough translation into modern english:
1.i am gay
2.that is good within statistical boundaries
3.yes fellow companion
4.i agree with your aspects
5.well done my associate!
6.i am *harder* than you becuase i have an obsurd fashion sense
7.i would prefer not to be stared at by someone who has a goal in life or a job as this reminds me how stupid i look
by Matthew Gallagher May 25, 2005
A biker that owns a harly moterbike and has a long bushey beard, wears leather overalls and goes to biker pubs.

chav point of view: anyone who has long hair and/or wears a black hoody with the word- slipknot, korn, nirvana. on it
Chav: get away from me you filthy fucking grebo
Skater: a grebo is a biker
by Matthew Gallagher May 25, 2005
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