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a stable in wrestling that at one point included Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Chyna, Rick Dude, X-Pac, and I think 3 other wrestlers no one really knows anymore. the stable would be defined as rude, obnoxious, rule breaking, obscene, and never obeying the wwe officials (vince mchoman and general managers too). their signature "crotch chop" was their famous taunt. when they did the crotch chop they also said "we got two words for you SUCK IT!" (they would do the crotch chop while they said "SUCK IT!". the stable ended up breaking apart sometime around 1999. the stable recently reunited. the members are now Triple H and shawn michaels. for more information go to their profile on wwe.com (they should be under superstars on Raw).
D-Generation X has 2 words for you: Suck It!
#d-generation x #d-x #d generation x #d generation-x #triple h #shawn michaels
by Matthew Broderick August 14, 2006
A gay book about the Tuck family drinking from a spring filled with water that makes you live forever. It has way too many similes, metaphors, personifacatins, and analogies. It never seems to get to just the point. The worst book I ever read.
Tuck Everlasting sucks!
#tuck everlasting #tuck #everlasting #book #sucks #dumb
by Matthew Broderick May 10, 2006
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