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Hamilton, Ontario is a mid-sized city of around 500,000 located in between Toronto and Niagara Falls. It is known as the "forward cleat" of the Golden Horseshoe - but the Achilles' Heel or shit-hole of Canada would be a more accurate nickname.

Hamilton, Ontario once was Canada's manufacturing capital, but circumstances beyond their control (ie. Chinese child labor is more efficient) led to it being somewhat of a hollow grotesque dark spot on Canada. In many ways similar to Detroit, but without the black people.

This makes Hamilton perhaps one of the best examples of a Cinderella story gone wrong, with many of the city's most horrid problems being easily fixable (such as getting rid of unions that demand 1 hour work days and perhaps lowering property taxes that make Manhattan look viable for actual human settlement).

Just a visual look at Hamilton makes a Marxist professor giddily with passion. The fact that the lower class is literally living below the mountain, while sane rich people live on the top provides an example of what would seem like a quasi-Brazilian ghetto bordering million dollar condo's.

Of course that passion usually dies down when one finds out that most of the people living on the mountain are also poor, and only in Ancaster does one find the tiny pocket of prosperous bible-loving Dutch-German-WASP's. Most outsiders also aren't surprised to find out this is the only part of the city that votes conservative.
Wow, the urban decay around these parts reminds me of Hamilton, Ontario.

That guy is an asshole. But I'll forgive him since I know they have it tough in Hamilton.

You come from Hamilton? You mean steel town! (awkward laugh then awkward silence)..except Hamilton doesn't produce anything outside of crime.
by Matteo_meister March 23, 2010

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