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A Metal group from New Zealand. They pritty much kick arse. They are often defined as "screamo" or "Nu Metal" but they are definately not. They are just metal. They play with a lot of distortion and the vocalist screams, wails, raps and sings his way through a pile of rock anthems. They play fast, in-your-face riffs. Their first album featured samples and scratiching, but their second album did not. They just kick arse. They are dedicated to their fans, and band members are often seen crowd surfing, shaking hands, meeting fans and signing things.
Stupid ignorant person who likes avril lavigne: Blindspott suck. They're so Emo and Nu metaland Screamo and crap. They don't have any good songs
Blindspott fan: <punches Avril fan in face then goes to Blindspott concert> BLINDSPOTT RULE!!
by Mattchew B July 29, 2007
Someone who purposely cuts themselves for no reason, to fit into a certain genre (esp. emo or goth) or who does it so people will feel sorry for them
Shes cutting herself again? She does it for no reason. What a hissy cutter
by Mattchew B July 29, 2007
Desensitised word that is used by any person who likes, or is affiliated with rap,or who enjoys crap music in generla. It is a term used to encompass any form of rock music in a derogatory way. Originally referring to a narrow genre of Emotive metal and hard rock, it was used by MTV and other music channels to describe a bunch of bands who dress a certain way. People who listen to a certain type of music BECAUSE of the way they dress(ie skinny jeans, tight shirts) can be described as Emos(note the diffence to dressing a certain way to reflect their music choice). Emo is now a style of dress more than anything. Emos can also be described as hissy cutters. Emo was originally a type of good ol' fashioned pioneer rock and metal. But now its a word that is thrown around and makes all true rocker cringe.
Rap Guy: man, you listen to system of a down and Alice Copper and stuff? What an Emo!
Rock Guy: Shut up you inferior being, you know nothing. May your children be consumed by a thousand hungry spiders.
by Mattchew B July 29, 2007

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