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The ultimate douche bag. One without equal. Usually a guy named Brad.
Brad was a uber douche for cheating in his fantast baseball leauge.
by Matt the Moose July 05, 2006
A debate on who the biggest queer between straight friends.
Douchebag Brad and D-man gay-bate via email all day long. Example:
Brad "You know how I know your gay? You like hot man juice on your face."
D-man "You know how I know your gay? Cuz you shave your nuts and masturbate with a banana."
by Matt the Moose November 15, 2006
A shorted temper due to low levels of blood sugar and your moronic friends indecisiveness on a place to eat. So hungry your grumpy.
Douchebag Brad better make up his mind, cuz I'm grumphry....
by Matt the Moose November 15, 2006
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