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A girl that when is first spotted seems to be a 10, but as you get closer, the countdown begins. By the time you reach her, she is a 1 and you need to take off.
ADAM: Man, look at that girl. Shes definetly a 10.
COREY: Ya, um, maybe a 9. Wow, look at her teeth, an 8.
ADAM: What are those scars, was she a burn vitcim? 7.
COREY: She only has one eyebrow. 6.
ADAM: Is that a bald spot? 5.
COREY: Her mustache is thicker than my dads. 4.
ADAM: Shes crosseyed. Shes lookin at me and the bar. 3
COREY: Thats definetly an Adams Apple, 2.
ADAM: Whoa, NASA girl, wait thats a guy!! Lets take off.
by Matt Kusnir August 19, 2006

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