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When a male ejaculates in another's (male or female) butthole. Then the recipent of the ejaculate will shake the sperm in his/her butthole for exactly 39 seconds. The recipent will then shoot out the sperm onto the toe of a baby. It is best when the baby is under 6 months.

Optional: You may then cook the baby.
Hey dude! I just got the best Magic Fountain Ride from Nick the other night! O and that baby was delicous.
by Matt Harry March 30, 2008
When a baby is stuck in a women's vagina from the act of Baby Bottle Popping also known has Baby Pottle Pop (see definition). This is usually caused when the baby is overgrown or over the age of 1. Also if the baby has teeth, it may keep biting and have a strong grip causing the baby to be stuck.
Linda: Jimmy! Get this baby out of my pussy! FUCK! It hurts so good!
Jimmy: Linda i cant get it out! We have to get a doctor to surgically remove you baby-stuckination!
Linda: O ok.
by Matt Harry March 30, 2008
When a male sticks a baby head first into a pregnant women's vaginal cavity. The male will then grab onto the baby's testicles causing the baby to lick and bite. This will give the women much pleasure/pain.

WARNING: Baby might suffocate inside vagina. Only try under adult supervision! Also, the baby should be under 1 year of age to decrease the risk of being stuck inside the vagina causing baby-stuckination.
My pussy is sore from the Baby Bottle Pop last night! We should have picked a baby with no teeth.
by Matt Harry March 29, 2008

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