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The word to describe physical harrasment, or unwanted contact from one or more people.
Quit Horrangaling me!
by Matt H June 03, 2005
almost to an end, to a large extent
Matt: Yo dave look out there, look at that hot ass biatch shakin it like it ain't no thing
Jack: holy shit dave that looks just like your mom!
Dave: man, not again
by Matt H December 16, 2003
To be qwardious; qwarred out; qwarbate; the act of being a scandelous asshole

*Suggested to implement "fucking" before the use of qwar (See example)

ref. fag
A: "Aw man, I just shit my pants"
B: "What the fuck?!, Your fuckin qwar"
by Matt H December 11, 2003
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