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1 definition by Matt David T

Verb. To "Cessna".

Similar to Godwinning, to Cessna is to cite Stalin in a superfluous example during an internet flamewar, thusly automatically ending the argument in a loss on the individual who "Cessnaed"

This is derived from Cessna's law, which states that on any RPGnet flamewar (then expanded to the whole of the internets) the longer a flamewar occurs, the closer the probability of Stalin being invoked equals one, if Communist Administrators are involved in the discussion.

Originated on RPGnet, then took the rest of the Internet by storm.
"You know, Stalin killed 30 million Jews, which is exactly like Abortion."

"Dude, did you just Cessna?"

"Crap. Sorry."
by Matt David T June 30, 2005
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