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A place where you are surrounded by awful people.
Dude 1: How was the party last night dude?
Dude 2: It was pretty sweet, but there was a total intersetting in the kitchen dude.
Dude 1: Why dude?
Dude 2: Because your mom was in there dude. You like totally just got served dude.
Dude 1: Nice one dude. I like didn't see that totally sweet serve coming dude.
by Matt Carr & Ad Stephenson April 19, 2008
When two people are talking to each other then run out of things to say.
Dude 1: Yo dude, how are you today?
Dude 2: I'm totally sweet dude. What about you?
Dude 1: I'm good dude.
(Prolonged Silence)
Dude 2: That was the biggest asome I've ever been in dude.
by Matt Carr & Ad Stephenson April 19, 2008

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