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Obviously this guy above me spoke a couple months too soon.

The Red Sox Nation (RSN) for short is a group of hardcore fans for the Boston Red Sox. They support them whether they are winning or losing and will always support them.
Dude I've been apart of the RedSox Nation all my life!
by Matt $ September 30, 2005
Someone you want to torture; fuckface

Dude, stop acting like such a dotche
by Matt $ September 21, 2005
A person who worships Hulk Hogan even though Hogan is a phony who forgot what being a man was all about. Hogan disses people over the air waves and then when called on it hides behind his mansion walls. Basically someone who talks alot of smack but can't back it up.
Dude, that kid is a hoganite, he's always running his mouth.
by Matt $ March 20, 2006
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