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Spawn Of Hell (reference to kids under 13)
Damien (reference to evil male)
Damien's Sister (reference to evil female)
Omen in his/her own right (a deserved evil person)
Satanic Muther Fucker (someone so evil they should have a masters degree in evil)
Harbinger Of Doom (anyone bringing you a message with bad or malicious news)
Goat Head (someone who is evil, but incredibly stupid--and fails to execute his/her evil properly)
Christopher Walken (Just look at his eyes)
Sandra Bernhard (Just look at those lips)

The opposite of the character of "Christ" from the book titled "The Bible."
The Bible is a book of collected works which theoretically depicts events that occured many years ago on Earth. This book was not written or scribed by a "super being," but rather it was written by several men, in hebrew, and passed down in a non-recorded format for many, many generations. Despite all this, the book is commonly accepted as "fact" by certain religions. The "Anti-Christ" is the harbinger of doom who, in theory, is going to bring about the end of civilization as we know it for mankind.

Many people profit from the theory of the "Anti-Christ." This can range from people who claim to be able to predict the future, to people who have ordered their life around "figuring out" the book known as "The Bible." Pop culture has extended itself even in entertainment with movies such as "The Omen," from the 1970's, and even a current remake of the film in 2006.

Terrorism, especially since September 11th in the United States, has further propelled the pop culture intrest of the Anti-Christ. Profiteers from all walks of life seem to come out of the woodwork to tell the rest of the world that this harbinger of doom is in fact already alive, or about to be born soon. An amazing mathematical note would suggest that no person suggesting the notion of the "Anti-Christ" has never publically stated the possibility that if such an Anti-Christ could or will exist, that they are not yet alive. For many generations, it is said the Anti-Christ is alive and "preparing" for Earth's end days.

It has been said thare are three Anti-Christs, despite the fact no one ever has suggested why only three, or why not less than three. Some claim it is related to the "Trinity" of Christian nature. However, other than the fact the number "three" is involved, no one has ever publically stated exactly what their logical conclusion for choosing "three" actually is.

It has been said there are three Anti-Christs. Two of which were Napolean Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler. There is disupte over the third Anti-Christ's identity--if you assume there are three. Some say it is Osama Bin Laden, due to his terrorist involvements and events. Some say the third Anti-Christ is "Mabus" as suggested from the writings of suggested theorist Nostradamus. The name "Mabus" can be twisted around and played with, and letters swapped, ranging to create suggestions that "Mabus" the Third Anti-Christ could be Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush, or Osama Bin Laden. There has also been suggestion that the name "Apollo" is the third Anti-Christ and his identity is yet to be revealed as of this writing June 2006.

To me, The Bible cannot be proven to be fact, so therefore to use that as an only frame of reference to figuring out the "Anti Christ" would be limiting and foolish.

Is there an actual Anti-Christ? Are there three? Were the first two correct and there is yet one more? Or were there already three and we just have not identified them as such? Who is to say. One thing is certain is that no one man on this living Earth can have the real answer--and that needs to be accepted by everyone.

Rather than focusing on who is the Anti-Christ and who is not--we should be focusing more on stopping the evil that men do and leave the pigeon-holing job duties to the powers that be or don't be.

I have suggested, as a point of contention, that if there is a third Anti-Christ, I would suggest it very well may be George W. Bush. Am I saying this out of spite? Absolutely not. I only say this because everyone is under the impression the Anti-Christ is "innately evil." Although I in a milion years wouldn't vote for George W. Bush--I don't think he's "evil." My whole point is the "Anti Christ" may not be another Hitler or such--it may very well be someone (like Bush) that is just a catalyst for a lot of diastrous things to befall mankind.

For example:
Bush wins an election in 2000 with highly questionable legitmacy.
We are struck by Terrorism in the US on 911.
Bush resopnds by going to Afghanisthan, then Iraq
Bush wins another election, be it legitimate or not.
Down the road, North Korea and Russia form an uneasy alliance against the United States by getting involved in Iran's affairs
Iran and Israel have a skirmish--which causes North Korea to back up Iran
Bush makes sanctions, and causes military actions.
North Korea doesn't respond favorably
Bush responds with more military action
The first nuclear weapon since Nagasaki is used in an act of war against the United States by North Korea
Bush begins planning a Nuclear response to North Korea
Guess what happens next?

I think the "anti-christ" theory is more about a chain of events--and what triggers those events. The anti-christ may not very well be an evil and malicious person. He may just very well be someone who allows a chain of events to occur by being in the position he is in, and making the wrong decisions which lead to horrific events to follow.

Rather than saying "anti-christ" of doom, I would be more likely to say "catalyst to the worst of times."

If all this is to much for you to consider or debate or think about...go with the common business practice definition of the term:

Anti-Christ = Anyone you deal with, work with, work for, or know that is generally a royal pain in the ass to be around for whatever reason(s).

I better hurry up and end this definition, because my boss--The Anti-Christ--is going to catch me making an entry to UrbanDictionary.com.
Anti-Christ example above...
by Mathew Russo June 10, 2006

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