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Pulling a dakota, or a reverse datoka comes from an overconfidence or underconfidence when finished a test. Pulling a Dakota can also be used in other situations when someone thinks that they did good, but in reality they failed. A reverse Dakota occurs when you think you failed, but then you do great. Other types of Dakotas are a Bang-On-Dakota (when you guess correctly), and a Miracle Dakota ( you guess you get 100%, and you get 100%), a miracle Dakota hardly ever happens and is very rare.
Yo, guess what.......I think I aced that test..........Oh nevermind I actually got 15%.

Hey I think we are going to destroy that team in hockey.......Oh wait, we got beat 10-0

(reverse Dakota) I hate my life, I think I failed that test, my parents are going to be mad!........Oh wait guess what, I aced that test, in your face!
by Math Class Terms May 27, 2011

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