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The status you gain in response to extreme harassment and backstabbing. This may most likely include, but is not limited to. People who were once your friends calling you every name in the book for no applicable reason. ie "Failure" "Ugly" "Retard" Call your 100% real leather jacket fake. Treat you like dirt and say they were just kidding. You tell them to stop and they get upset. Then, when you finally decide to do something about it you end up the bad - guy and your pretty much removed from the group because nobody wants you there anymore.
Those Sons of bitches i wasted my life befriending stabbed me in the back so now I'm an Aloner.
by MatBarnes November 02, 2009
Don't drop the wallet
The Synonym of Don't Drop the soap only this is to be used in competitive play video games when participating in "Money Matches."
"I'm gonna win that tournament and win 1000 dollars!!!"

-Don't drop the wallet
by MatBarnes November 02, 2009
1. A person who Masturbates in public restaurants.

2. A man who uses his cock to slap other people in the face.

3. A person who uses their dick as a weapon to the point where they delude themselves into thinking it can deflect bullets.

4. A person who jerks off with other people in the room who can clearly see it and has little empathy for their disgust or discomfort.

5. A man who Chops another mans balls off and tries to give the mutilated balls a handjob.
a.Oh my god dude don't look over there! That dude's a hobknocker!

b. See that guy over there? He's a total hobknocker don't let children near him. He's sick and wrong.

c. That guy thought he could deflect bullets with his cock and use it as a sword! What a hobknocker!!!

d. Dude stop being a hobknocker! We are all getting sick from your disgusting actions! go to the fucking bathroom if you're gonna do that!

e. That sadist is a total hobknocker
by MatBarnes March 24, 2010
The end of the world occurs when you yourself end. The world doesn't end for everybody at once the world ends with you. You can expand your world pass the stars beyond the heavens and through God. People only see the world as they wish so, that world and the other people and everything in there might as well be that world.
Who knows? Maybe the end of the world is just the beginning of another journey in life we can decipher life is truth from the moment we are born then what is to be deciphered in death?
by MatBarnes December 01, 2009
A group of dark skinned brats who dress the same, act the same and are predictable to the point where you could pretty much plot their next move out in a game of chess. They can also be found smoking or drinking excessively. They have the emotional strength of a copper wire and would probably steal copper wires from home depot because they are shiny. They also like to brag about how they live in the hood and are willing to stab or shoot you with a wood chip they pick up off the ground. Not to mention their obsession with using the words "Who you think you talkin' to!?" They are a shame to the African community, they are selfish, rude and aggressive and the thing they will put on the bottom of their list is working or anything productive. The sad thing is they seem to be copying every bit of this from T.V. Is this what Martin Luther King got all those ass-whooppin's for !??!?!?
Chris Rock was right I love black people but I cannot stand Niggas! Or, the Montclair, NJ MHS Negative Black Community.
by MatBarnes November 02, 2009

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