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3 definitions by MasterChief

The cute and loving animal that distracts masterchief on Halo 1 and screws up the marines. Masterchief usually plays go fish with a mouse in this console game.
Masterchief (from halo 1 game) sees a mouse. Yells "Yay a mouse!" and frantically goes after it and then plays go fish while his marine teammates get slaughtered by covenants (aliens).
by Masterchief June 04, 2005
52 41
One who has a stupid head. :P
Used to describe immature stupid heads.
by Masterchief March 04, 2003
3 9
an Ulvi is someone who has no life an stays on the internet all day to get one.
Ulvis are often fat nerds which have no frieds.
They become not older than 30 , at hat age they realize how they are like and kill themselves.
"I posted it, and no 30 seconds later some ulvi had already answerd!"
by MasterChief November 12, 2003
7 29