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Act of being further, faster, harder, hotter and more extreme than any other.
Jamie: I hear they have not found Osama Bin Laden yet...
Friend: He is Deep In The Hole...
by Master of Cunts May 10, 2008
Absolute vacuum of space prevents sound waves from travelling and vice-versa.
When the user of a blondes face for sexual purposes finds that the pleasure sensation is too great and wishes to cry out in a manner befitting a scream. Realising to late that In Space No-one Can Hear You Scream...
by Master Of Cunts May 14, 2008
A person most vertically integrated with power and authority. Highly skilled and dangerous varient of cuntmaster.
Friend: Did you see Jamie dance last night?
Johnny: He is cuntmaster extreme...!
by Master Of Cunts May 11, 2008
A woman operating her vagina in a manner to be conducive to payment.
'Janey was out all night and came home with a guy in a Mercedes. She is a coin-op cunt...'
by Master of Cunts May 10, 2008
Act of evil fiendishness, especially concerning global domination.
Penelope: Stop Dick stop...you must...
Dick: Hahahaha...nothing can stop me now...
Penelope: You are darstardly Dick...
by Master Of Cunts May 11, 2008
A strange disease that turns even the most moderate person into a screaming cunt.
Dave was a real fuckhead last night. He must have had a bad case of cuntis.
by Master Of Cunts May 11, 2008
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