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In popular culture, zombies commonly refer to the undead. Generally, any formerly human creature that is no longer acting with freewill. Often erroniously attributed to the Carribean practice of Voodoo in Western society, the zombie has been portrayed for thousands of years in cultures in India, China, and among Native Americans. These include (but are not limited to the following):
1. The Voodoo Zombie, which is a living human who has lost it's free will.
2. The Viral Zombie, which is a reanimated (usually human) corpse that has been brought back to life.
3. The Chinese Zombie, which is a supernatural/spiritual being with a yellow piece of paper on its forehead, capable of moving very quickly, and jumping very far or flying.

A number of zombie survivalist organizations (ozort for example) exist worldwide that set up contingency in the event of an outbreak of Viral Zombies
Mankind can be easily destroyed by zombies.
by Master Zort August 23, 2006
An organization that kills zombies. Short for "Order of Zombie Outbreak Resistance Tacticians". This group made up of multiple zorts, and is based out of ozort.org. A member of this group (a zort) is a person specifically trained for tactics and survival in the event of a zombie hollocaust. The group's primary focus is on teaching people what to do in the event of a worldwide zombie outbreak, or z-day.
Guy 1: Hey, is that zombie eating that womans brains?
Guy 2: Oh shit! Somebody call ozort!
by Master Zort August 19, 2006

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