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An insult to an individual that is absolutely worthless and useless. Especially good when used with former lovers or fuck buddies.
You're nothing more than a fuck stain.
by Master Ro April 13, 2005
In Las Vegas. A section of town where it would not be wise to be for long periods of time.
Could be considered the five mile radius of Industrial Road and Sahara or in North Las Vegas near MLK.
by Master Ro April 14, 2005
someone who embodies being snippy at such a level that they snip and follow with a mcsnap - meaning they snap back after they snip.
In response to a nasty remark from a friend, one might say "Ok, Ms/Mr. Snippy McSnapster!"
by Master Ro April 07, 2005
Someone who it takes 7 years or more to finish their undergraduate degree, meaning they have been a senior for a long ass time. A seven-year senior in most cases has gone to college part time, full time, taken time off, etc.
Bob finally graduated after 10 years, wasn't he a seven-year senior?
by Master Ro April 07, 2005
One who enjoys the taste of massive vagina.
Break it down: cooter eater
by Master Ro April 14, 2005
The Main Supreme when it comes to BUTCH ASS LESBIAN DYKES... a lesbian who truly embraces being a butch dyke.
A dyke that could easily pass as a man, shaved head, or the likes
by Master Ro April 14, 2005
one without substance, personality, or any depth.
Yo, why are you talking to him, he's totally mush...
by Master Ro April 14, 2005
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