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A human, characterized by pale skin, freckles and bright red hair. "Gingers" are generally considered to be inferior to their more melanin-rich brethren, and thus deservingly discriminated against. Gingers are thought to have no souls. The condition, "gingervitis" is genetic and incurable.
Ron Howard is a ginger.

Carrot Top is a good example of why gingers should be discriminated against.
by master control November 10, 2005
1. Five cents in United States currency
2. Five dollars worth of drugs, usually marijuana.
3. (Slang) Five hundred dollars.
4. (Slang) Five years (in prison, in the army, etc.)
1. I just spent my last nickel on a gumball.
2. I need weed, but I need rent money too; solution: buy a nickel.
3. I need a nickel to buy-in to this cardgame.
4. My boy Tre is doin' a nickel upstate for gta.
by Master Control June 17, 2005
v. to show respect, often used in the imperative tense.

This phrase originated as a result of the protocols observed during audiences with the catholic pope. At the close of the audience, the subordinate would traditionally show his respect to the leader of the church by kissing the papal sigil ring.
"I've got a 2pm meeting with the boss... but I'm not about to kiss the rings."

"You just got crushed 49-0 in Madden-- kiss the rings, bitch!"
by Master Control April 22, 2007
noun, (location)

www.ratemyshocker.com is a magical, wonderful place, where people can go to see the most twisted, vile, foul images and video clips ever captured on digital media.

You will become quickly desensitized to even the most repulsive imagery.
Several things you can see on ratemyshocker:

1. 2 girls 1 cup
2. 4 girls fingerpaint
3. Human/equine relations
by Master Control April 20, 2008
A combination of two different words, GENius and manIAC.

A brilliant individual who is completely and utterly out-of-control, possibly even insane.

If you encounter a geniac, do not attempt to emulate them, for it can only result in disaster.

If two geniacs come into contact, the results can vary from one extreme, spectacular mutual destruction, to the other extreme, extraordinary creative power.
Evariste Galois was definitely a geniac.

By age 20, he had failed out of school, been in prison, invented a new branch of algebra, and solved an unsolved mathematical problem.

At age 21, he was dead from a gunshot wound in a duel.
by Master Control May 06, 2005
When you have a birthday so close to Christmas that you get screwed out of two separate days of presents.

Instead of birthday and Christmas presents, you get "Brithmas" presents.

If your actual birthday falls before Christmas, you know you won't be getting anything on Christmas day and if it falls after Christmas, you know there won't be any birthday presents.

If your birthday falls ON Christmas... you're boned but at least there won't be a full day of letdown.
1. I've never received a birthday gift nor a Christmas present... only a Brithmas gift.

2. Brithmas gifts are usually a license for people to kill two birds with one stone while spending only for a single present.
by Master Control December 17, 2008

A portmanteau for "fucking clutch," meaning a superb performance under extreme pressure. An individual or performance may be called flutch.
David Ortiz is flutch.

Kirk Gibson's homerun was flutch.
by Master Control October 22, 2006

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