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luton is a town 30 miles from london, where from in is an urban jungle. Luton itself is an old town, of old hat and car industry which has passed leaving some deprivation. As a result lots of migrants have moved in, however culturally it is diverse. Lots of asian, black african and carribean, refugee, and recently polish. Despite its bad name, it is actually the most multicultural town in the uk, often busy with trade and culture. Yeah it is the outcome of huge change and people but is a place of tongues, beliefs, religion and diversity. The streets have a sense of ownership of the people the street credibility is high as people are educated, foremost knowing the sense of whats real. Music may be of cultural critique but movements are happening, and being on the edge of london it's a hub of talent just look at talented spoken word artists like rkz and sunit and raxstar who deserve a fair chance and shouldn't be seen as outcasts but the truth.
I hope anyone who see's just the bad of luton goes to the grim north. Anyone should watch the football team whos history and sense of togetherness sums up luton, a town that will never die, always evolving through diversity. I encourage it, as a suburb of london Luton should thrive and i hope one day people appreciate it. Luton town is a place of real urban britain. Peace
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by Master Ash May 02, 2009

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