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A combination of the words Mason and Upshaw referring to a very large and erected penis that is present in a state of drowsiness combined with a sense of stupidity or lack of intelligence. Mason Upshaws usually occur when one has just woken up and watches and excessive amount of pornography or goes out on the street and sees many acceptable women. Also called extreme Morning Wood.
Dude: Aw crap I woke up late for class again...and I'm too sleepy to go...guess I'll watch some porn.

After seeing first image of nude woman

Dude: Holy shit! I've got a massive Mason Upshaw!
by Master Alchemist July 27, 2011
Russell Tussling or Tussling With The Russell is an incredibly serious act of Up Fuckery in which one foolishly or misguidedly attempted to engaged a or THE Russell such as Russell Brant or Daniel A Russell.
To date only three people have actually been stupid enough to Tussle with the Russell: a paparazzi guy that Russell Brant punched in the face, Jesse Lott, and Coley Kelly (the latter of the three suffered most serious consequences)
Jesse: So you want to Pester the Jester?

Daniel A. Russell: Jesse, don't go Tussling With The Russell.

Mason: Oh Damn Jesse you done went and Fucked Up

Jesse: Shit I left you wide open for that one...
by Master Alchemist July 26, 2011

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