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Somebody who goes around all the women in the office and chats them up, regardless of whether or not they are single or want his attention. When they reject him, he will continue to pursue resulting in either success or a sexual harassment case.
Manager: "Why is John not at his desk?"
Secretary: "He's in a 'meeting' with Tessa."
Manager: "Ok, that makes sense. That John's a real sex pest. You'd better call him on the intercom."
Window cleaner: "Hey, that sex pest John has got a different woman spread out on the desk today"
by MaskedRider July 06, 2011
The person ultimately responsible for the running of a bridge including making important decisions. Typically the highest level and highest paying job in the team.
Manager: Hi there gorgeous, I'm John and I am the bridge master of the largest suspension bridge in the country. Isn't that impressive! Now, can I buy you a drink?
by MaskedRider July 17, 2011

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