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3 definitions by Mask of Mirth

A condition that afflicts well-endowed female speakers. It prevents male (and sometimes female) listeners from comprehending what is said due to their complete fixation on the speaker's breasts, or rack.
Busty woman: "Excuse me, but could you direct me to Main Street?"
Enthralled man: "I'm sorry, could you repeat that, please? I'm having trouble with your rackcent."
by Mask of Mirth June 02, 2009
To manipulate someone, especially for the purpose of conning him or her. The victim may be exploited themselves or merely used as a means to a greater end.
"Every time I try to talk to my boss about a raise, he ends up convincing me to take on more work for the same pay!"
"You gotta stop letting him handle you, man! Be more assertive!"
by Mask of Mirth December 09, 2008
To pretend to be compassionate, kind, etc. in order to manipulate someone else, often for the purpose of exploiting or swindling him or her. A form of deception common in romantic relationships and business deals. A slowhandler is different from a golddigger primarily because slowhandlers are pursuing very specific goals, whereas golddiggers are after whatever they can get their hands on. Additionally, slowhandlers are usually more subtle and are not restricted to being female.
"What the hell? She left you? You guys have been going out for two years!"
"I know! Turns out she was just slowhandling me to move up the corporate ladder."

"I was only there for the free toaster, but that guy slowhandled me into buying a timeshare! Damn, he's one hell of a salesman."
by Mask of Mirth December 09, 2008