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4 definitions by Mary Mariegh

A poser is someone who tries hard to be something they arent. Usually, posers call other people posers because they are jealous that the person they called a poser is more skater/stoner/goth/punk/rocker/grunge/etc. than they will ever be.
by Mary Mariegh June 21, 2003
1544 548
To french kiss and be all touchy feely. Usually lasts a long time and sometimes a guy gets a hand job and the chick gets fingered
Do you wanna go make out?
Dude, I made out with that guy...damn! he is GOOD!
by Mary Mariegh June 21, 2003
494 459
one that is inexperienced.
Josh Reed is such a n00bz0r that he doesnt know what foreplay is.
by Mary Mariegh June 13, 2003
15 9
the fucktard's way of spelling orgasm. whoever started this definition is an imbecile.
What example? this word doesnt exist
by Mary Mariegh June 13, 2003
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