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A poser is someone who tries hard to be something they arent. Usually, posers call other people posers because they are jealous that the person they called a poser is more skater/stoner/goth/punk/rocker/grunge/etc. than they will ever be.
by Mary Mariegh June 21, 2003
one that is inexperienced.
Josh Reed is such a n00bz0r that he doesnt know what foreplay is.
by Mary Mariegh June 13, 2003
To french kiss and be all touchy feely. Usually lasts a long time and sometimes a guy gets a hand job and the chick gets fingered
Do you wanna go make out?
Dude, I made out with that guy...damn! he is GOOD!
by Mary Mariegh June 21, 2003
the fucktard's way of spelling orgasm. whoever started this definition is an imbecile.
What example? this word doesnt exist
by Mary Mariegh June 13, 2003
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