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1. A way for one to express their excitment or love for a particular friend or occurance.

2. In a negitive tone it can be used to express extream disapproval

3. An attention getter, as in one trying to call to their friend/aquaintance from a long distance
1. "Ooo GURL! the club is jumpn' up in here!!!!"

2. "Ooo GURL, I know you aint talkin to me like am some downs baby, I done saw what you did!"

3."Ooo GURL!!! I see you workin it from across the club Mary! Get it GURL!"
by Mary Evyone Crenshaw January 02, 2011
1. The girl who is always perfect and can do no wrong ever.

2. A term of endearment

3. When at a party/club and you forget someones name it is acceptable to call them "Mary". This only works if the indivudal is a woman, transvestite, drag queen, or homosexual man.
1. "Jesus! Mary could burn the fucking house down and get a medal for it."

2. "Oh I love you too Mary!!!!"

3. "Hey Mary where's the bathroom?" "Down the hall and to the left you saucy bitch"
by Mary Evyone Crenshaw January 02, 2011

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