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The innovator of punk. Johnny is really a brilliant man who changed the world and we are lucky he's around! Also the sexiest rocker that ever has come around. Just like he said, he really was cheated by the English decadence that Malcom (Sex Pistols manager) established.
Johnny Rotten is my Gandhi, bitches.
by Mary Bushee July 12, 2005
Originally a song off the White Album by The Beatles, Helter Skelter's meaning changed in 1969 by the infamous Charles Manson. Manson had a theory that Helter Skelter would be when the entire black race would kill all white people. Charles Manson used this theory as an advantage by telling youngsters that he and his gang were going to hide out deep in the desert where they would be able to hide out during the process of Helter Skelter.
Charlie then claimed that Helter Skelter must happen immediately, so he told some of his family members ( Charles "Tex" Watson, Linda Kasabian, Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten, Patricia Krenwinkel, etc.) to go out and slay random caucasions. Charlie felt that by killing the white people (who included Sharon Tate) and make it appear that the black race committed these acts, then Helter Skelter would begin.
Charles and his family members were caught in the act and are sentenced to life in prison. But, Helter Skelter never occured and to most people today, it is only known as a lovely song by The Beatles.
Charles Manson scared youngsters into thinking Helter Skelter was going to occur in 1969.
by Mary Bushee June 14, 2005
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