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Someone who acts like Clint Eastwood.
GANGSTA: Hey Asshole, what are you doing on our turf?

CLEASTWOOD: (SlimJim clenched in teeth) This is my new front yard, punk. Now, you can blow away all by yourself, or I can blow you away. (two pistol barrel bulges appears in center of macho-poncho)

GANGSTA {& homie}: SSShhhiiittt!!! {they run away!}
by Marty Robbins December 27, 2006
A man who is involuntarily celibate. He has no girlfriend (or boyfriend), and knows he can't get one, so he just jerks off to porn all the time.
Worker #1: Hey, let's ask Peter Beater to come to the bar with us tonight.

Worker #2: Nah. He goes to the strip joint every Friday 'cause he's a Lone Ranger.
by Marty Robbins May 20, 2006

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