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Yet another word created by our president, George W. Bush.
(See Grecians)
How dare you misunderestimate me!
by Marty Potter August 14, 2005
When a woman of low morals goes and gets three or four breast implants in a row. Considered distasteful.
Looks like Pamela Anderson's got that Boobonic Plauge...
Yeah, and she's Canadian!
by Marty Potter August 14, 2005
Evil villain in Harry Potter. For a long time he wasn't human, because his use of many a Horcrux. Not many people know this, but properly pronounced "VOL-de-more." You know, the French way.
Harry Potter Fan: "Hey guys! Voldemort hates Dumbledore! He's afraid o' him er something!
by Marty Potter August 14, 2005

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