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A (fake) national game invented by G.K.Chesterton, H.G.Wells and Edward Clerihew Bentley.
"I also remember that it was we who invented the well-known
and widespread national game of Gype. All sorts of variations
and complications were invented in connection with Gype.
There was Land Gype and Water Gype. I myself cut out and coloured
pieces of cardboard of mysterious and significant shapes,
the instruments of Table Gype; a game for the little ones. It was
even duly settled what disease threatened the over-assiduous player;
he tended to suffer from Gype's Ear. My friends and I introduced
allusions to the fashionable sport in our articles; Bentley successfully
passed one through the Daily News and I through some other paper.
Everything was in order and going forward; except the game itself,
which has not yet been invented." -- "Autobiography"
by Martin Ward August 24, 2006

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