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A person who goes out of their way to be cunt, or is deliberatly bitchy for no real reason.
God, that hyper cunt just hit a cat, for no reason.

Dude you shit on that guys porch? Why?

Dude, he has it coming, eighty year old bastard.

Wow dude, you are a hyper cunt.
by Martin Swift July 23, 2008
Some one who is an enormous cunt, the biggest cunt you can possibly imagine, there is no size limit for a cunt whale.

It all depends on amount of bitch, slutty-ness, and cuntism in their system.

Demonstrated in this formula.

Bitch+Sluttiness * Cuntism = The Cunt Whale Factor
Dude she went back to her ex's house and gave him a hug, just to be a bitch you say?

by Martin Swift July 23, 2008

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