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For all of those who don't know anything about Poland here is something i learned about it myself:

Counrty located in excact center of geographical Europe. Borders in the west with Germany, Czech Rep. and Slovakia in the South, Ukraine , Beleruss and Latvia on the East.
Polish people, according to the studies, are the most intellingent population in Europe thanks to their great, yet strickt, educational system.
Though the government and economic situation are not in the best shape, Poland made lots of significant changes in their 14 years of transision time. Great country to make investmentsdue to their friendly foreign trade and investment policies.

Poland have in majority friendly citizens, crime is significant low compared to other countries, yet POLAND is number one counry in Europe with the biggest auto theft.

Poland is about to join the European Union in MAy 2004 hoping for new bussines oppurtunities.
Poland is part of NATO, since 1999.
Poles have one of the best Navy in Europe, precised air force, but non uptaded army. Home of the best special forces in Europe called GROM.

I visit this county three times already , and myself being born in Switzerland i have to say that i give them props for building their country the way they are, eversince they changed their government to democratic.

And yes, those Polish girls are hot!!
Poland is the a brave counrty with very long history.
by Martin Gonczarstein November 09, 2003

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